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Advert renewal and suspension
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Before you can add an advert you need to register your email address and a password (See Registration).
Once you have registered you can log in to your Control Panel where you will see several options. You can submit your ad straight away. To submit an ad click on New ad, you must then choose the appropriate category for your ad. You will then get the advert submissions page where you can enter all the appropriate details. It's a good idea, if you want to write a detailed description, to compose it off-line first, using a simple text program such as Notepad. You cannot use HTML in the advert description. Once you have submitted your ad you will be given the option to upload photos. The first 3 photos are free, to add 3 additional ones you will need to purchase our Photo package. See the Photos section for more on uploading photos to your ad.
Remember that prospective buyers may be unfamiliar with the vehicle or item that you are selling, so you need to give as good a description as possible.
For a motorhome fill in the make, model, year, the base vehicle it is built on, mileage, whether it is petrol, diesel or LPG. Include details of the MOT & Tax, overall length, gross weight, payload. For the inside you need to describe the internal layout: Beds, kitchen, bathroom, seating and the number of berths. Include any extras or options, such as top box, roof rack, power steering, air conditioning, awning, bike rack, CD player, satellite system, etc.
You are able to go back and edit your advert at any time after submitting it.

Advert renewal and suspension

The 30 day period that ads remain on the site includes the day of submission. If not renewed, ads are suspended automatically on the expiry date shown. You will get a reminder by email approx 7 days beforehand. To renew your ad just log in to your Control Panel, go to Manage Ad(s), then click the Renew button which appears 7 days before the renewal date. Note that ad renewal must be done by you, it is not automatic. Renewals are free, and adds 30 days to the original expiry date of the ad so you do not lose any days by renewing early.

If an ad has not been renewed by the end of the 30 day period it becomes suspended. This means that it is no longer publicly visible on the site. It is still shown in the users Control Panel, marked as suspended. The Renew button is not shown for suspended ads, a suspended ad can only be restored by clicking the Restore icon (green tick) under the Actions heading in the Manage ad(s) view in the Control Panel. This icon only appears if an ad has been suspended. Ad suspension last 30 days, ads are permanently deleted without further notification at the end of the 30 day suspension period. Permanently deleted ads cannot be retrieved. When an ad is Restored its new expiry date is set at 30 days from the date it was restored.

Charges and Credits
An ad with three photos is free, To add 3 more photos you need to purchase our Photo package. Payments are made by credit or debit card on a secure server, or by bank transfer. As soon as your payment is received by us, which will normally be instantly if using our online payments service, your account will be updated and you can add your extra photos. If you pay by bank transfer it will be several days before your payment is received and your account updated. Please do not use PayPal's eCheque service as it usually takes around 10 days for those payments to reach our bank.
If a debit card used for payment has expired it is possible that PayPal will apply an eCheque payment to your account, in this case it will take up to 10 days to clear. If you want to re-submit a payment using a current card please contact us and we will cancel the eCheque request.
Distance Selling Regulations: If you purchase from us as a consumer (i.e. for personal rather than business purposes), and you live within the EU, you have the right to cancel, and receive a full refund from us, for a period of seven days after your purchase, provided that you have not used your additional photo allowance. All you need to do is let us know that you want to cancel and we will process the refund for you.

Control Panel
The Control Panel is where you administer your account with us. When you log in you will go directly to the Control Panel. Once logged in the Control Panel Menu will always be visible above the Main Menu, on the left of the page. The Control Panel has many options, most are self explanatory. Clicking on Manage ad(s) will show your advert listed with detail for the Category, Title, Date and how many times it has been viewed. There are four additional options under the Action heading in this section, hovering the cursor over each of the icons will show a tooltip to indicate its function:

Edit ad  Brings up your advert for you to edit all aspects of it

Upload images  Lets you upload extra images or delete the existing ones

Mark sold  Marks your advert as sold in the listings - some people like to do this for a few days before deleting the ad (Note: after marking an ad sold, this changes to Mark as unsold, clicking again will remove the sold indicator from the listings)

Restore  Restores a suspended advert. This icon is only visible when an ad has been suspended after reaching its expiry date.

Delete  Deletes the advert

A Renew button appears 7 days before your ad is due for renewal. Clicking this will renew your ad for another 30 days.

Adverts are kept on the site for 30 days, you will receive an email reminder around 7 days before your advert is due to expire.

Registered users can save links to ads that they want to refer to later. Once logged in, the details page for each ad has an 'Add to your Favourites' link shown above the ad. Clicking this link will store a link to the ad. Links to stored 'Favourites' can be accessed from the 'Favourites' link in the Control Panel menu. The ads themselves are not stored, so once an ad expires or is deleted the link to it will disappear from the 'Favourites'.

We are always interested in feedback, if you've had any problems using our service or if you have any suggestions for improvements please let us know. If you have bought or sold through our Classified Ads we would love to hear about it. Use the Contact Admin link at the bottom of the main menu.

When you register you choose you own password, we suggest that you write it down and keep it safe! It will also be included in the email you receive from us after you have registered. You will need your password to log in to your Control Panel. Note that passwords are case sensitive, i.e password is different from Password. Passwords are encrypted on our system and we are not able to retrieve them, if you forget your password, you can select, on the log in page, to have a new temporary password emailed to your registered email address. When you have received your temporary password you should log in to your Control Panel and change it.

All online payments are handled by PaPal, most credit and debit cards are accepted and you do not need to have a PayPal account. Payments are made on their secure server and they require the usual confirmations to be made to protect you, and us, against fraudulent transactions.

Click the Extra photos link from the Control Panel Menu to go to our Payments page. If you really don't want to use an online payment service we will accept payment by credit transfer to our bank via telephone banking, internet banking or BACS, you can even take cash to your local Barclays branch and have it credited to our account. Please select the Bank Transfer option on our Payments page. We do not accept cheques or postal orders. Please note that if you pay by bank transfer, rather than PayPal, it will be several days before we receive your payment and update your account. If using PayPal please do not use the eCheque method which requests payment direct from your bank account as it can take up to 10 days to clear and credits are not added until after clearance.
To pay by debit or credit card you need to select the PayPal option from our payments page. This takes you to the Paypal secure server. Ignore the 'Log in' button and click the 'Pay with a Debit or Credit Card' link, you will be able to enter your details on the next page.
If a debit card used for payment has expired it is possible that PayPal will apply an eCheque payment to your account, in this case it will take up to 10 days to clear. If you want to re-submit a payment using a current card please contact us and we will cancel the eCheque request.
A printed receipt for a payment can be generated from the Order History page. Just click on Order History from the Control Panel menu and you will see a list of the 10 most recent orders and payments you have made. A receipt can be printed for any paid order.

Adding extra pictures can make all the difference to an advert, so please consider taking advantage of the facility to upload up to 3 extra photos, in addition to your 3 free ones. You will need to purchase the Photo package by clicking the Extra photos link in the menu on the left in order to be able to upload the extra photos. Note that the pictures MUST be of the actual motorhome or item offered for sale.

It is really easy to add photos, you just need to make sure that images are in either GIF, JPG (JPEG) or PNG format. The size of each image file you upload must be less than about 3Mb, the larger the size of the image file, the longer it will take to upload. Digital camera images may be bigger than 3Mb, if so you may need to load them into your image processing software which should be able to produce an image of the right size. However if you set your camera resolution as low as possible when taking the pictures it is likely that no resizing will be needed. Note that the physical (screen) size of the images is unimportant, although if you are able to reduce them to 640x480 pixels it will result in a smaller file size which will be quicker to upload. Pictures are resized to suit our system automatically when you upload them.

You are given the option to upload photos immediately after you have submitted your ad, if you want to add or remove photos at a later time you will need to log in, then in the Control Panel Menu on the left of the page click on 'Manage Ad(s)'. You'll see your ad listed. To upload a photo you need to click on the Upload images icon under the Action heading. On the next page you'll be able to search for the image on your computer and upload it to your ad.

After uploading your pictures you can select which one you want shown next to your ad in the general listings. You can easily manage your photos, deleting (click the Delete image icon) or adding additional ones at any time.

Occasionally there may be a problem with an uploaded photo which results in a 'placeholder' showing where the image should be. To resolve this you just need to delete the placeholder by clicking on the Delete image icon alongside it, you can then re-upload the photo.

If you have problems getting your image file size small enough, or you find that the images take too long to upload, the first thing to do is to read the documentation or help files for your image processing software, you should be able to find the information on resizing images and using JPG compression to reduce the file size.

Alternatively, we recommend a simple image processing program with many useful features called Irfanview, it is available as a free download from:
You could also try the online picture resizing service at:

The orientation of the images, as displayed on our website, is governed by information embedded within the image itself. This information is sometimes not respected by the users imaging software so it is possible for an 'upside down' image to be displayed 'right way up' on the users computer.

There are a couple of options:

1. You can check which images appear upside down on the website then, with imaging software such as Irfanview which does respect the embedded orientation, rotate the copies you have on your computer through 180 degrees then save and re-upload them.


2. We can rotate the images for you after they have been uploaded. You just need to let us know, via our contact form when the images have been uploaded and request that they are rotated.

If you still have problems uploading a photo, contact us using the the Contact Admin link at the bottom of the main menu and we will try to help. Please DO NOT email image files to us unless we specifically ask you to.

Your email address is the only personal information that we require you to enter - and we undertake not to give or sell any of the details you have entered to any third party. Notwithstanding the above, we reserve the right to disclose personal information if required to operate or maintain our systems, or pursuant to a court order, or other legal or official request.
You may remove your details from our system at any time by clicking the Change info link from the Control Panel menu. On the Change Info page just click 'Delete my registration and ads'. All your details (including any ads and credits you have) will be removed from our system.

Read this Help section first, then, if your problem is not resolved, or if you have any questions about our classified ads service please contact us using the Contact Admin link at the bottom of the main menu.

You need to register your details before you can place an advert, this is to enable you to log in and update your ad at any time. All we require is your name (or company name) and email address, which must be a valid address because you will need to verify it before you can place an ad, and a password of your choosing. You may find it useful to enter contact telephone numbers (which will be shown in your ad), and Skype users can include their username so that other users can contact them via a Skype link on the ad.
To register, click on Place an ad the Main Menu, on the left of any page.
For your security and as a spam prevention measure, you have the option not to have your email address shown on the advert(s) you place. A clickable link to a form, for people to use to respond to your advert, can be shown instead, we strongly recommend that you use this option.
After you register, our system will send you an email containing a verification link. You will need to click on this link to verify your email address before you can place an ad. Some browser settings will not allow clicking links within emails, if you find that clicking the verification link does not work just copy it into the address box in your browser. If you do not receive the verification email the most likely cause is either entering the email address incorrectly or it has been blocked by a spam filter set up by you or your ISP, please check your 'bulk' or 'spam' folders. You must ensure that you allow emails from our domain (i.e. anything to pass through your filters. Users of Hotmail and similar web-based applications may need to add to their 'Safe list'. Our server does not respond to verification requests from junk mail protection services such as Spam Arrest, if you use a service like this you will need to ensure that you can receive emails from
To have the verification email resent, go to the 'Log in' page, enter your email address and password and click the 'Log in' button, you will be given the option to have the verification email resent to you. If, when requesting a re-send of the verification email, you get the message that the system cannot find a member with that email and password the chances are that you entered an incorrect email address when registering, in that case just register again ensuring that you spell your email address correctly! If you are sure that you have entered the correct address, and have checked that it is not being blocked by any filters, but still do not get the verification email it is likely that it is being caught by a hidden spam blocker set up by your ISP, you may be able to get help if you contact them. Unfortunately we are not usually able to assist with this sort of problem.
To keep the database manageable, registered users without current ads may be removed if they have not logged in for a period of around six months.
You may remove your details from our system at any time by clicking the Change info link from the Control Panel menu. On the Change Info page just click 'Delete my registration and ads'. All your details (including any ads and credits you have) will be removed from our system.

With the increasing amount of spam emails, some ISPs are introducing filtering systems, unfortunately they are not 100% accurate in identifying spam and sometimes legitimate email may be filtered. If your Control Panel shows that you have had replies to your ad, but you have not received them, you should check your 'bulk' or 'spam' folders and on your ISPs website to see what they do with suspected spam, and how you can retrieve legitimate email. You must make sure, if possible, that mail from our domain is allowed to pass through any spam filters. It is also possible that your ISP may be having a temporary problem with email, they will usually have a status report on their website where you can check to see if there are any problems. You should also check that you have the correct email address set on our system by going to your Control Panel and clicking on Change info
The Control Panel 'Contacts' counter only counts messages sent via the contact form, if you have chosen to have your email address visible on your advert any replies you receive will not be counted.

Scams and suspicious emails

If you have any doubts about whether a response to your ad is genuine, please let us know and we will investigate it.

Beware of telephone calls from people claiming to represent motorhome sales specialists and asking for an up-front payment to advertise or sell your motorhome. These often turn out to be fraudulent.

These are the latest scammers email addresses that we have identified: on 15/6/17 on 21/4/18 on 25/4/18

If a response to your advert is from an email address on this list we are already aware of the details and you should not reply to their messages.

How scams work
Sometimes advertisers are emailed, or phoned, by people, usually from outside the UK and often with a yahoo or gmail email address, who offer to buy an advertised vehicle without seeing it, sometimes as a 'gift' for someone. Emails are often written in poor English. The scam is that the seller is offered a cheque, bank draft, or PayPal payment for much more than the agreed price and is then asked to refund the difference, to a third party via a wire transfer service, or by PayPal, for shipping expenses or in payment of a debt. The cheques or drafts are counterfeit, or even stolen, the PayPal 'notification of payment received' email is forged. Any offer to send payment using PayPal in response to an ad on Motorhome Market is likely to be fraudulent. We advise that you do not reply to any approaches from such people.
If you do receive any suspect offers please help us to reduce the problem by reporting it to us as soon a possible, details below. Never ever send any money.
We take this sort of fraud attempt very seriously and have a large range of Internet Providers (mostly West African) blocked from accessing our website. However it is impossible to completely eliminate the problem since new ISPs are always appearing and we cannot block them until we get a scam report.

This is typical of the type of email received, but there are many variations on the theme:

"Hello, My name is William, I found your van which is very interested in it to buy and I want you to tell me if the van is still available for sale and also like to know the condition of the van engine if it's in good order. Please if you have the picture of the van, kindly send it to me along with your reply back to me as soon as possible. May I know how much you are going to sell your van for me at your own given price with your mode of payment for the van? I will be looking forward to hear from you ASAP."

A response usually results in this sort of reply:
"Thank you for your mail, and the photos which are acceptable to me, really i will like to explain this situation to you before any transaction with you. My shipping agent is in UK so I will send you a certified cashiers check for £15,500 and you will deduct your £12,000 out of it and send the remaining balance of £3,500 by Western Union to my shipping agent for the pick-up and shipping arrangements."

To enable us to identify the ISPs of the fraudsters and add their IP address to our blocked list, we monitor messages sent through our contact form. If the email you received has a "Note from the webmaster" we already have the senders details. If there is no "Note from the webmaster" you will need to send us a copy of the email including full headers. Different email programs have different ways of showing the (normally hidden) headers. Details of how to show headers for many email programs can be found at Spamcop. Copy and paste the headers and the email into our contact form and send it to us.

For more useful information on vehicle fraud see the Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group website.

Terms & Conditions
We would draw your attention to the following clauses that form part of our Terms & Conditions of Use of the Classifieds:
By accessing Motorhome Market, you agree that you will not:
Post any advertisement that is not specific to the sale or purchase of motorhomes, motorcaravans, campervans or similar recreational vehicles or specific to items relevant to the use or enjoyment of such vehicles.
Post, or transmit in reply to any advertisement, any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, or indecent information of any kind, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national, or international law.
Any breach of our Terms and Conditions will result in the user, and any ads they have placed, being deleted from our system without notice.
Full Terms and Conditions can be found here

Trade ads are welcome, but note that advertisements are accepted on the understanding that they comply with the Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order which requires that advertisements placed by persons who seek to sell goods in the course of a business must make that fact clear in the advertisement. If you are a trader you must select the Dealer option when submitting your advert.
Traders can apply to be allocated Dealer Status, this allows a company logo or banner incorporating a link to a website on each of their adverts, and a link from the front page 'Dealer Listing', and each advert, to a stock list page, listing all the motorhomes that they have listed on our site and including the dealer's contact details and a description of the services offered. For more details of this please see our Advertise page.

Still stuck?
Please contact us and we'll try to help

Help for Buyers

How to show motorhomes for sale at a particular price
The simplest way is to use the 'Search' function: Click on 'Search' in the menu on the left of the page, then enter the 'from' and 'to' prices in the price boxes (only put figures in, if you include a '£' or a ',' you will get an error message). If you want to see the results in order of price just click Price at the top of the column to sort by ascending or descending price.

How to be sure that a motorhome isn't stolen or owned by a finance company
You would be well advised to get a vehicle data check on any vehicle you are thinking of buying, see the HPi website for more details, and useful info on buying secondhand vehicles. The HPi Check will tell you if the motorhome is recorded as stolen, if it has outstanding finance on it, if it has been written off by an insurance company, etc. We strongly recommend making a clear HPi Check a condition of purchase for any secondhand vehicle.

We had a case brought to our attention of someone who bought a motorhome privately after, they thought, carrying out an HPI check which did not uncover any problems. The motorhome subsequently turned out to be owned by a finance company.

It turns out that the check was carried out using an on line 'vehicle fraud detection service' which was not actually carrying out HPi checks and did not check for outstanding finance. Make sure that you get a genuine HPi check!

Our Buying advice
1) If you are buying privately, make sure that, if possible, you go to the sellers house - don't let them bring the vehicle to you.
2) Thoroughly check all the documentation including that the VIN number on the vehicle matches that on the V5.
3) Get an independent inspection carried out.
4) If in doubt about anything, walk away - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
5) Carry out a proper HPi check
6) There is a current scam where fraudsters advertise high value items such as top of the range cars, and occasionally motorhomes, often abroad. They offer the services of an escrow company to hold your payment until the vehicle is delivered to you. They have genuine-looking websites, but the whole thing is a sophisticated fraud. If you think that you are dealing with this type of scam please let us know the details so that we can investigate further. There is much useful information on the Vehicle Safe Trading Advisory Group website.

Fraudulent ads
Fraudsters occasionally post ads for motorhomes at a price below their real market value. These ads are copied from classified ad or dealer websites and are an attempt to lure people into paying deposits. Remember - if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
Please help us to combat this fraudulent activity by reporting any such ads to us.

Dealer ads
You will see ads in the classifieds from reputable dealers, they will be identified by the word 'Dealer' in the main listings and in the individual ad. Traders are requred by law to indicate in their adverts that they are selling in the course of a business. If you find that a trader has falsly claimed that they are a private seller, please let us know the details so that we can take action.

Got a question?
Ask us

Note: The advice here is offered in good faith to assist buyers and sellers but the ultimate responsibility for a safe and legal transaction rests with the individual buyer and seller. If you are in any doubt about anything to do with your sale or purchase you should seek professional advice.